Heung Tsz Hei, Heyden
轟炸機 2.0

屬會 GYM: 榮拳館
性別 Gender: M
出生日期 Date of Birth: 26/8/2005
高度 Height: 176
體重 Weight: 63

2023 The Shoot Boxing Super Lightweight Champion
2021 The Hong Kong Wushu Elite Competition – 65kg Gold
2019 The 17th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship Boy Junior As 52kg Silver
2018 Japan Shoot Boxing Competition MVP
2018 WKA Asian-Pacific Ring Sports Championship-Gold
2018 The 7th World Junior Wushu Championships Brasilia 2018 – Boy 45kg Silver
2017 The 14th Edition of Amateur WMF World Championship Silver
2016 The 6th TAFISA Games – Boys Muay Thai Silver

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