Hong Kong Shoot Boxing Association簡介

Hong Kong Shoot Boxing Association由2013年已與World Shoot Boxing Association合作,在香港推廣Shoot Boxing運動,而2017年正式成為WSBA海外香港分部,其他國家分部包括: 荷蘭、法國、澳大利亞、美國、韓國、巴⻄、等。現時組別比賽分別為: 男子、女子的「職業、業餘、⻘年軍及兒童組別」等賽事,2009年更增設「Girl’s S-cup」女子世界錦標賽,Shoot Boxing是為一項規模化及國際化的運動。

– 於香港推廣Shoot Boxing運動
– 培育Shoot Boxing運動員、拳證及裁判
– 協助香港Shoot Boxing運動與國際水平睇齊

於香港推廣Shoot Boxing運動
本會曾舉辦多項兒童興趣班、⻘少年訓練班、精英隊訓練、及各級別的賽事,致力推動Shoot Boxing搏擊運動。本會亦是香港唯一一個WSBA認可機構舉辦綜合搏擊升級評核試,一至七段香港投考,八段至十段由本會推薦到日本投考,希望香港大眾亦可認識及接觸到這項世界性運動。

培育Shoot Boxing運動員、教練、拳證及裁判
我們其中一項重要理念是培育新一代人才,除舉辦興趣班、訓練班及比賽外,亦設立教練、拳證及裁判訓練課程。而拳證及裁判訓訓練課程均為國際World Shoot Boxing Association 發出認可證書。

協助香港Shoot Boxing運動與國際水平體齊


The Hong Kong Shoot Boxing Association (HKSBA) has been promoting Shoot Boxing in Hong Kong since 2013 in collaboration with the World Shoot Boxing Association (WSBA). In 2017, it officially became the overseas Hong Kong branch of WSBA, with other country branches including the Netherlands, France, Australia, USA, South Korea, and Pakistan. WSBA currently organizes competitions for men and women in professional, amateur, teen and cadet categories. In 2009, WSBA also established the “Girl’s S-cup” world championship tournament for women. Shoot Boxing is a large-scale and international combat sport.

Our Goals:

  • Promote Shoot Boxing in Hong Kong
  • Cultivate Shoot Boxing athletes, coaches, and referees
  • Assist Hong Kong Shoot Boxing to reach international standards

Promoting Shoot Boxing in Hong Kong

HKSBA has organized various interest classes for kids, youth training programs, elite team training, and competitions to promote Shoot Boxing. HKSBA is also the only WSBA-recognized organization in Hong Kong to hold comprehensive assessments. Levels one to seven can be taken in Hong Kong, while levels eight to ten must be recommended by HKSBA to be taken in Japan. It is to increase awareness and exposure of Shoot Boxing to the public.

Cultivating Shoot Boxing athletes, coaches, and referees

Cultivating the next generation is one of our goals. In addition to classes and competitions, we also offer Coach, Judge, and Referee training courses. The Judge and Referee Training Courses are both internationally recognized by the WSBA.

Assisting Hong Kong Shoot Boxing to reach international standards

HKSBA aims to promote exchange between local and international athletes. Through regular exchange tours and international competitions, HKSBA hopes to provide athletes with more practical experience to reach international standards.

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